7H Liquid


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7H Liquid Incense

This  brings you the traditional Hawaiian Punch scent with this soda-themed liquid incense. Grab a bottle and enjoy

Wish you could just lay back and relax because you will blown.

Burn just one dish of this incenseand be liberated from the worries and stress of your day. Light a dush of 7h herbal incense and lay back. The heady aroma willfill the pscae around you carrying away your troubles.

Chemistry of  Incense

Because the chemical composition of many synthetic cannabinoid products is unknown and may change from batch to batch, these products are likely to contain substances that cause dramatically different effects than the user might expect.

Certainly, liquid Incense users report some effects similar to those produced by marijuana:

  • elevated mood
  • relaxation
  • altered perception—awareness of surrounding objects and conditions
  • symptoms of psychosis—delusional or disordered thinking detached from realit

Can you overdose on Liquid Incense?

Yes. An overdose occurs when a person uses too much of a 7H Liquid Incense and has a dangerous reaction that results in serious, harmful symptoms or death. Above all, the use of synthetic cannabinoids can cause:

  • toxic reactions
  • elevated blood pressure
  • reduced blood supply to the heart
  • kidney damage
  • seizure

In conclusion, deaths can occur when dangerous synthetic opioids.  For instance, with drugs as fentanyl, added without the user knowing.

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