Changa DMT


What’s it like to take DMT in China? Who does it and how do they get it? Find out from our anonymous informant who spills the beans and recounts his own breakthrough DMT experience.

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Changa DMT

I estimate that a few thousand people have had a Changa DMT trip in mainland China. I heard of it for the first time from a friend. At that time, I was still in the excitement of my first encounter with LSD. My friend was boasting that he’d tried “all psychedelics, but DMT”. People spoke about it as the “holy grail” of psychedelics. After researching about it for two years, I finally tried it, and my experience was profound. I can understand why DMT is becoming more popular in my home country.

Lots of different types of people are trying DMT in China. I really enjoy psychedelic music and culture, and that’s how I found psychedelic substances and later reached DMT. There is a growing psychedelic community in China today, among people interested in spirituality. Many of them have heard about DMT, but five or six years ago, very few people knew about it, and even less had tried it. Now this community is expanding thanks to the great internet. However, in contrast to the 1.4 billion people in China, DMT takers are still a small crowd. There are no relevant books or documentaries about it published in China. And as far as I know, there’s only a few in Hong Kong and Taiwan. But to the young generation in the psychoactive underground here, DMT is not a cult thing anymore. Many people know it and are eager to try it.

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