Nepalese Temple Balls


Charas, or hand rolled resin, is the original concentrate. Alluring and aromatic, charas was born from the first contact between humanity and the cannabis plant, as a layering of this sticky THC-rich substance is unavoidable when handling marijuana. Innovations in cannabis concentrates, utilizing newer methods of extraction such as BHO and CO2, will soon transform the face of modern day medicine. Still, the act of gently rubbing cannabis flowers will remain the easiest and most effective method of collecting fresh resin from wild plants at the peak of their life cycle and creations like the Temple Ball will continue to elevate what could be construed as mere collection into an artisanal craft.



Nepalese Temple Balls Hash

The Royal Nepalese Temple Balls were stuff of mythology already in the late ’70s and early ’80s, a fairytale for many and the Holy Grail of concentrates for a few. Imagine a sphere of resin hand pressed to an absolutely unflawed dark and hard surface polished to a mirror-like quality — a ball that resembles more of a glossy stone or black marble rather than resin. Picture an outside protective layer of resin fused into a crust so perfect that it can stand the depredations of time and nurture the aging evolution at its core. Visualize cracking open a 10-year-old resin ball like you would break a big egg, the center revealing itself slowly in all its glorious creaminess.

Envision a spicy tropical fruit cocktail with subtle earthy undertones taking over your olfactory senses as the resin breaks apart reluctantly exposing its dark red melted caviar like texture, the long contained aromas bursting out with an explosive force.

Imagine creating such a wonder!

Traditionally, Temple Balls were rolled on a ceramic plate creating an impenetrable crust. Now, it’s often left with a stain sheer. I place the Temple Ball on a sheet of parchment paper. Oil continues to express itself more and it flattens on the bottom under its own weight. It is gorgeous and smells like sheer happiness. This is not the perfect Temple Ball of Frenchy’s memory, but I hope with a bit of aging, my offering to him will warm his heart even more.

 Nepalese Temple Balls  Aromatherapy

Keep the party alive! Feel good and experience a pleasant effect by burning herbal incense. Burn it and change your aura. It can deliver effects that can last for hours. But then, you should take it seriously! It is not for the faint-hearted. We suggest using only a small amount of it to gauge your capacity and its effects on you. Take note, however, this product is not for smoking, ingestion or human consumption.

Popular because of the positive energy that it delivers our customers, who are experiencing some blows and hardships in their lives. They are also using it to relax and calm down from their daily pressures and grind. If you’re looking to achieve positive vibes, burn the herbal incense and transform a negative into positive aura.

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