Orange Daiquiri DANK Vapes



What to know before you buy Orange Daiquiri Dank Vapes?

An Indica-Driven HybridOrange Daiquiri erupts with a blast of orange and lemon notes that combine with diesel undertones to create an inviting aroma and a mouthful of sweet earthy citrus. The effects of Orange Daiquiri DANK Vapes are relatively balanced, producing a relaxed body with a happy and uplifted head buzz.


  • Relaxation
  • Mood Booster
  • Uplifting
  • Head Buzz

Although the test averaged at 65% THC, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the way these carts rip. Depending which flavor you get, it will give smooth yet strong hits. Unfortunately it may be a bit harsh, depending which flavor. Other than that, these cartridges will conveniently get you high with just a few hits. Sometimes, only 2-3 hits were just enough to get me through the moment.

These Orange Daiquiri DANK Vapes carts give very rich and pleasant taste to it

Another thing that I loved a lot about these Dank Vapes is the taste to every flavor. This has to be by far my personal favorite feature of Dank Vapes. Any flavor that you purchase will never fail to its expectation. But watch out, enough hits of these and it will give you a slumped, after high.

These efficient Orange Daiquiri DankVapes carts will lasts longer than anticipated

These Dank Vapes lasted me longer than I’d expect them to. It could be because of how strong these carts are, I only needed a few hits every couple of hours. This allows me conserve this cartridge and still get high when I want to. Depending on how often you smoke, it lasts you anywhere between 1-4 weeks and does have well over 100+ hits. Despite if your’e in a group of friends or it is for personal, it will last you a good while.

There are unfortunately many Orange Daiquiri DankVapes  fakes out there being sold

The only bad thing about Orange Daiquiri DANK Vapes is that many vendors out there are selling fakes. This allows vendors to put what ever they want in the distillate. It is difficult to differentiate with them looking identical, but you can tell by a couple of minor details. Find more info about fake Dank Vapes here.


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